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Two Weeks In Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo & Albania

With all the careful plannins, we had a low cost vacation with two weeks in Greece, Noth Macedonia. Kosovo and Albania. With all the enjoyments, it only cost less then USD 1,000 per person for a two week travel.

From visiting the four countries to discovering two captivating islands, our journey felt like months of travel packed into a thrilling itinerary. We enjoyed the amazing landscapes in Santorini and Mykonos. We visited more than 30 icons in the capital cities of all four Countries. Additionally, we explored a lot of archeological sites in Athens, the deepest natural cave in Skopje, and the largest bunker museums in Tirana.

Apart from sightseeing, we had several delicious local cuisines in highly rated restaurants. Furthermore, all of our accommodations were very decent and covenient, most of them were very spacious. We booked most of our accommodations via and there are a lot of budget-friendly options. In fact, it is another eye-opening journey for a working population like us. It felt like we had been on travel for months instead of just two weeks.

And It Only Cost Less Than USD 1,000 ! Can You Believe That?

What makes this adventure even more remarkable was its affordability with a total cost of under 1,000 EUR or USD per person. We listed out the our main expenses during the trip below. It would definitely help your travel planning !

Compared to the annual leave we applied (~ 7 days + public holidays), we acquired this life-adventure experience with only USD 1,000. I think it is a perfect deal.

We hope that our journey serves as a valuable reference for your own adventures. Don’t know where to go for your next vacation, you may view more about our itinerary here.

Low Cost Vacation in Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo & Albania – Expense Items

 In EURIn USDRemarks
Accommodation per person~ 210~ 221It includes all hotels/apartments booking in the 14 nights. This is the per-person spending for a total of 3 persons
Transportation within the Adventure:
Ferry Athens – Piraeus Port (PIR)to Santorini (THIRA)~46~48Operated by Blue Star Ferries with below schedule07:25am – 15:30pm
Ferry Santorini (THIRA) to Mykonos~89~93Operated by Seajets with the below schedule14:55pm – 18:15pm
Ferry Mykonos to Athens~38~40Operated by Fastferries with the below schedule0735am – 1210 pm
Flight: Athens(ATH) to Skopje(SKP)~77~8119:05 – 19:35 (1 hour and 30 minutes flight)  
Flight: Tirana (TIA) to Athens (ATH)~58~611710 – 1920 (1 hour and 10 minutes flight)  
Other local transportation~83~87It includes a 3-day tourist ticket used in Athens for unlimited public transport;3 rides of 20 EUR taxi (split by 3 people each time)
Non-hotel spending per person~347~364It includes Food & beverages, souvenir purchases, and other expenses  for the two weeks
In-trip total948995 

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