Two Week Vacation : Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania

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An Overview Of 14 Day Itinerary

Escaping from work with several annual leaves plus the Easter holiday, we structured a two-week adventure journey to Balkan Countries. After planning for weeks, we started our travel for our Two Week Vacation : Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania. I, my fiancée Charmaine, and my friend Tommy embarked the exciting journey with our first stop in Athens.

Two Week In A Nutshell

Greek Island Hopping

Our travel odyssey commenced in the vibrant city of Athens, Greece, serving as our starting point. From there, we started our island hopping journey with two mini-trips in Santorini and Mykonos. As a typical backpacker, travel to the two island with the most economical way via the ferry system.

After bidding farewell to the Greek islands, we returned to Athens for our flight to Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia. This is the first stop of another three mini-trips in the three Balkan Countries by bus.

Traveling Balkan Country By Bus

Starting from the Skopje airport, we spent 3 days packed with scenic icons, landscapes, local food and experiences in the city.Next, we embarked on a scenic bus journey to the alluring destination of Kosovo. We stayed in Pristina for 3 days 2 nights, exploring one of the youngest Countries in the world founded in 2008. Subsequently, we ended our journey at the international bus terminal of Tirana Albania. There we dedicated 3 days rushing to visit the best bunker museums in the world along with other famous icons.

Archeological Sites Hunt In Athens

Finally, we flew back to Athens our first stop. This time we indulged in a captivating 4-day, 3-night city visit. During the four days, we found the most budget-friendly way to explore the main archeological sites of Athens for just 30 EUR per person. On top of that, we also paid a visit to several local icons free of charge !

An Overview For Two Week Vacation : Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania

In just two weeks, we explored 4 countries and 2 stunning islands, leaving us with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

You may find our two-week adventure schedule below for your trip planning:

11st Apr 202313:00 Arrives ATH Airport -> Straight to Piraus Port
22nd Apr 2023Piraus Port -> Stantorini by Ferry
33rd Apr 2023Full Day in Santorini
44th Apr 2023Santorini -> Mykonos by Ferry
55th Apr 2023Full Day in Mykonos
66th Apr 2023Mykonos -> Athens Rafina Port by Ferry -> Athens Airport (ATH) -> Skopje (SKP) by flight
77th Apr 2023Full Day In Skopje
88th Apr 2023Skopje -> Pristina by Bus
99th Apr 2023Full Day in Pristina
1010th Apr 2023Pristina -> Tirana by Bus
1111th Apr 2023Full Day in Tirana
1212th Apr 2023Tirana (TIA) -> Athens (ATH) by flight
1313th Apr 2023Full Day in Athens
1414th Apr 2023Full Day in Athens
1515th Apr 2023End of the Adventure

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