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Final Part Of The Two Week Vacation In Balkans

Flying back to Athens from Tirana (at a cost of approximately 57 EUR per person), we entered the final part of our two-week adventure. Bridiging the gap for our return flight to Hong Kong, our final part would be the Athens City Tour. For intra-city travel, we purchased the 72-hour tourist ticket for 20 EUR per person. Specifically, the ticket provided unlimited use of public transportation with a round trip from / to aiport within 72 hours.

The 3-day tourist ticket in Athens for public transport
The 3-day tourist ticket which includes roundtrip from/to the airport is a good deal if you stay in Athens for 72 hours

Which Arcaheologlical Site To Go

Visiting archaeological site in Athens is a must for every tourist. On the other hand, there are numerous sites and would be hard for visitors to choose. If you purchase the all-in-one package like us, we would recommend visiting the seven sites included with below order:

  1. Acropolis and its slopes (A must-visit in Athens, where you’ll find the Parthenon)
  2. Ancient Agora (which includes a museum and the Temple of Hephaestus)
  3. Kerameikos Cemetery (with an archaeological museum and numerous graves and burial monuments in its external layers)
  4. Roman Agora (which also houses the Tower of the Winds)
  5. Olympieion
  6. Hadrian’s Library
  7. Lykeion
The Parthenon in Greece Athens
The Parthenon
The Erechtheion situated the opposite Parthenon which contains six Caryatid statues in Greece Athens
The Erechtheion situated the opposite Parthenon which contains six Caryatid statues
The Temple of Hephaestus in Athens Greece
The Temple of Hephaestus
Museum inside Kerameikos Cemetery in Athens Greece
Museum inside Kerameikos Cemetery
Kerameikos Cemetery in Athens Greece
Kerameikos Cemetery
Tower of the Winds in Greece Athens
Tower of the Winds
Gateway at Olympieion  in Greece Athens Archeological site
Gateway at Olympieion

The official price for the package was 30 EUR per person, which appeared to be the most affordable compared to other offers.

Ticket package for the 7 archaeological sites in Athens Greece
Ticket package is available at any of the 7 archaeological sites

Arrive Early For Acropolis

We spent approximately two days visiting all seven sites. For the Acropolis, we recommend arriving when it opens and heading straight to the Parthenon. In that way, you could avoid the crowds and take photo for the famous Parthenon. leaving the other iconic structures within the Acropolis for later exploration after capturing your photos.

Other Free Sightseeing Icons

In addition to the seven sites, there are many other places in Athens worth visiting, including:

The National Garden of Athens, which houses the Zappeion Hall and is known for its population of green parrots (known as the Parrots of Athens).

The Academy of Athens nearby provides one of the most worthing-taking scenes in Athens. The exterior contains two statues (Athena and Apollo) at the back and two statues (Plato and Aristotle) in front.

 the Academy of Athens in Greece Athens
The exterior of the Academy of Athens

Lycabettus Hill, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Athens including the Parthenon. There is also a beautiful Church called St. George’s Church at the top.

Lycabettus Hill in Greece Athens
The view on Lycabettus Hill

Monastiraki Square, where you can find inexpensive souvenirs and high-quality local fruit sold at night (we purchased 1 kg of kiwi for less than 2 Euros).

Varvakios Central Municipal Market is known for its variety of local products and fresh food.

The graffiti on the metro Athens Greece Public Transport
The graffiti on the metro
Greek Street food shop in Greece Athens
Greek Street food shop

Athens City Tour – Recommended To-Do List for 4-day Trip Planning in Athens:

LocationTo-Do List
AthensAcropolis and its slopes
Ancient Agora
Kerameikos Cemetery
Roman Agora
Hadrian’s Library
National Garden of Athens
Zappeion Hall
Academy of Athens
Lycabettus Hill
Monastiraki Square
Central Municipal Market

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