Kosovo Travel 3 Day Itinerary

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Kosovo was the last Country I visited to complete my collection of Balkan Countries. Based on some Google searches, it could be the least visited Country in the Balkans with less than 400 thousand visitor.It is also one of the most welcoming Countries to tourists. We have received a lot of greetings and curiosities from the locals. Let’s take a look at our Kosovo Travel 3 Day Itinerary.

Day 1 Arrival At Pristina Central Bus Station

After arriving at Pristina Central Bus Station at 7:00 PM, we noted there was a 35-minute walking distance from the city center. In that, we decided to purchase the depature bus ticket to the next destination before we start our 3 days travel in Kosovo.

As a first time visator, we took a taxi to the hostel booked (“Hostel Prishtina Backpackers”). We later found out the bus suggestion from Google map was accurate and it only cost 0.5EUR per ride.

The official currency of Kosovo is the Euro which is very convenient for tourists like us travelling multiple Countries.  

Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation - Pristina Central Bus Station
Pristina Central Bus Station
Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation - Pristina Central Bus Station Bus ticket
Bus ticket from Pristina to Tirana


After settling into Hostel Prishtina Backpackers, we decided to grab a quick dinner at KFC. Along the way, we came across the well-known NEWBORN statue, the iconic symbol of Kosovo. Interestingly, in 2023, the letters of the statue were rearranged to spell “No New BR.” Throughout our walk, we noticed the friendly demeanor of the locals, who would greet us warmly, ask where we were from, and welcome us to Kosovo.

The KFC in Pristina is pretty standard compared to other Countries based on my experience of KFC over 50 Countries. We bought some necessities in the supermarket of Complex Ramiz Sadiku before calling the day.

Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation - The NEWBORN
The NEWBORN (which was rearranged as “No New BR” in 2023)
Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation - Bus station near NEWBORN
Bus station near NEWBORN
Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation - KFC
KFC in Pristina

Day 2: Waling Around Pristina For Tourist Icons

We began the full day in our Kosovo Travel 3 Day Itinerary with a free walking tour. Exploring the city on foot with a knowledgeable local guide was an absolute must-do. Unlike in other countries, we found limtied travel information about Kosovo online. That’s why hearing firsthand stories and insights from the locals were invaluable to our visit.

Most of the icons within Pristina can be visited within a full day or even half day. After the walking tour, we started with the icons near the NEWBORN monument including the NEWBORN, Skanderbeg Square and the Memoriali Heroinat.

Some More Pristina Icons

Continuing our exploration, we made our way to the icons situated just a 15-minute walk from the NEWBORN monument. We visited theCathedral of Saint Mother Teresa, the National Gallery of Kosovo, and the notable Statue of Bill Clinton. Wll, there is even a Bill Clinton Boulevard, a testament to the proactive role the United States played in Kosovo’s independence.

Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation -National University Library of Kosovo
National University Library of Kosovo
Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation -The Statue of Bill Clinton
The Statue of Bill Clinton

A Kosovian Fastfood Chain

We had a lunch at Heb, a locally founded fastfood chain. There is even an official website with price and delivery option available for Heb. We opted for a chicken bucket with two servings of chicken rice, which came to around 12 EUR. The taste of the chicken was reasonable, and we found the overall quality to be satisfactory as well.

Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation -Heb Pristina Kosovo
The bucket of chickens from Heb

The LetGo EU & Kosovo Museum

On our way back to hostel for a rest, we stumbled upon LetGo EU. LetGo EU represents Kosovo as the missing piece of the European Union puzzle, symbolizing the aspirations and hopes of the people for Kosovo’s integration into the EU.

During our exploration, we also made a visit to the Kosovo Museum, where we encountered the captivating Goddess on the Throne. It is one of the oldest artifacts discovered in the region and serves as the symbol of the city.

Liburnia – The Best Local Restaurant in Kosvo

Little did we know that the best part of the day was the dinner. We found a budget-friendly restaurant called Liburnia with nearly five stars on Google. There were a lot of local decorations in the restaurants.

On top of the deocrations, the prices were incredibly reasonable. To our satisfaction, We had a delightful five-course meal for just 34.5 EUR. Furthermore, each dish was a burst of flavours, showcasing the best of local cuisine.

As a delightful surprise, the restauntrant also provided a complimentary glass of Rakia at the end of our dinner. With that, it was a perfect way to end our day 2 in Kosovo.

Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation restaurant -Elegant decorations inside Liburnia
Elegant decorations inside Liburnia
Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation restaurant -Liburnia - Kosovan cuisines
We ordered five courses for dinner and every dish was amazing
Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation restaurant -Liburnia - Rakai
Complimentary Rakai shots after the dinner

Day 3: Departing Kosovo Pristina

On our final day in Pristina, we decided to take a more relaxed approach and made a final visit to the NEWBORN monument. In fact, we did have a lot of free time in our Kosovo Travel 3 Day Itinerary. Near the monument, We discovered that the Kosovo flags displayed on the first floor created the perfect backdrop for photos.

Other than that, We also headed to a souvenir shop near the Grand Hotel Prishtina for shopping. Throughout the 3 days, we did not see any pop-up stores for souvenirs. For that, we took sometime to locate the souvenir shop. Subsequenly, I bought a little Goddess on the Throne as a memory for this visit.

After a satisfying lunch, we headed to the central bus station to catch our bus to Tirana. Along the way, we caught a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty from a distance.

Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation The Kosovo Flags
The Kosovo Flags near the NEWBORN Monument
Kosovo Pristina itinerary tourist recommendation The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty

Wrapping Up The 3 Days In Pristina Kosovo

Pristina may not have a vast number of iconic landmarks compared to some other cities. However, it does offer a unique and vibrant atmosphere worth spending a full day for visit.  

If you have more time for Kosovo, I would recommend you also spend a day at Prizen. It is around a 2-hour bus ride from Pristina from the Central bus station. It offers a different perspective on Kosovo and provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the country’s rich cultural heritage.

On the other hand, if you choose to spend your entire visit in Pristina, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to soak up the energy of one of the youngest countries in the world.

Please find our itinerary below for your next annual leave reference.

Kosovo Travel 3 Day Itinerary

Day 1Arriving the Pristina Central Bus Station at 7: 00 PM
Taxi to Hostel Prishtina Backpackers
NEW BORN (changed to “No Broken Republic” in 2023)
Dinner at KFC
Complex Ramiz Sadiku
Day 2Breakfast at hostel
Free-walking tour
Skanderbeg Square
Memoriali Heroinat
Lunch at Heb’s Chicken
Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa
National University Library of Kosovo
Statue of Bill Clinton
LetGo EU
Kosovo Museum
Dinner at Liburnia
Day 3Skanderbeg Square
Souvenir Shop
Bus to Central Bus Station

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