How to Avoid Uber Scam at Cairo Airport

Want to avoid Uber scam at Cairo airport for a happy start to your Egypt adventure?

First things first, is Uber available in Egypt?

For years, transportation has been a great headache for Egypt traveling. Scamming from taxi drivers (even nowadays) is one of the common traps for tourists like me and you. Meanwhile, public transport could be time-consuming.

Good news Uber is available in Egypt and it is the best transportation method for your vacation in Egypt.

Currently, Uber is available for multiple cities in Egypt including Cairo and Alexandria. You will probably be using Uber for pickup at Cairo airport and for going to the Pyramids by yourself.

Car park with sign at Cairo airport
Car park with sign at Cairo airport

How about the Uber prices in Cairo?

A usual Uber ride from Cairo airport to Giza would range from 200 EGP (~ 5 USD) to 500 EGP (~10 USD). However,local taxi can go above 30 USD.

Not only the Uber rates in Cairo are cheaper than other means, but It is also very convenient for your Cairo & Giza (where the Pyramids are ! visit). If you need an itinerary, feel free to check out our 7-day Egypt itinerary.

Does Uber work in Egypt? Or better question Is Uber in Egypt safe?

Just like what you would encounter every day in Egypt, there are also Uber scams, especially in the Cairo airport. However, it is safe (or safer than other means) to use Uber in Egypt. And you will be better off if you can foresee what the scams could be.

Thus, this post is writing to share some common Uber scams at Cairo airport that you should avoid.

Before going 1 by 1 for each potential scam, let’s take a look at what good looks like.

What a scam free Uber journey from Cairo Airport looks like?

Once you clean the custom, you can start hailing your Uber via the apps (the Uber app is global and there is no such thing as the Uber Cairo app). The procedure is similar to other countries, you select your car option (Uber or Uber Comfort), pick your destination, bind your credit card, double-check your pick-up point and price then off you go.  

Yet, for using Uber at Cairo airport there are some points you should be aware of.

Uber pick-up point at Cairo Airport

There is a designated pick-up point at Cairo airport which is at sign B5 at the corner near a coffee shop (called Abu Auf) at the car park. The car park is around 3-minute’ walk from the exit via a staircase after crossing the road in front of the airport exit.

PS: the driver’s plate is in Arabic instead of numbers. So you may need to recognize the pattern other than the car type and car color of the Uber.

Uber Car number in Egypt is usually displayed in Arabic (in this case 569 looks like job)
Uber Car number in Egypt is usually displayed in Arabic (in this case 569 looks like job)

Uber price from Cairo Airport

Uber’s price in Egypt is cheaper than you imagine. A ride to the Pyramids from the Cairo airport would cost less than 500 EGP (~10 USD) and most of the inner-city Uber travel is below 100 EGP (~2 USD).

By locating the right pick-up point, you shall be able to Uber your way to your destinations smoothly. However, there are a few potential Uber scams in Egypt that you should be aware of.

The pickup point is at terminal 3 card park B5 sign
The pickup point is at terminal 3 card park B5 sign

Potential Uber Scam at Cairo Airport 1: Cash Settlement

The most efficient way to pay for Uber rides is via credit card on apps. That will ensure you a worry-free journey and an accurate price. Although there would be foreign exchange costs due to different currencies, it should be partially offset by your card’s cash rebate.

Noting that some Uber drivers in Egypt would ask for cash settlement. While it is permissible in Egypt, you should avoid that. You will run a risk of being asked for an inflated amount in the middle of the journey or the driver will not give you an exchange (a common scam in Egpyt).

Potential Uber Scam at Cairo Airport 2: Deal outside the app via message

Another potential Uber scam in Cairo is that you would receive a driver message claiming another price different than the displayed price on the app. Based on our experience, this type of scam usually happens for common tourist routes like Cairo Airport to Pyramid, Pyramid to other landmarks, or Tahrir Square to Cairo Airport. The driver would claim that the price is more than the displayed price and try to have a deal outside of the apps with you.

When it happens, make sure you take a screenshot (so that you can report the driver) and strictly reject any additional cost. Most of the time the scammer will just back off and cancel the ride from their side.

Potential Uber Scam at Cairo Airport 3: There is no Uber

As we mentioned, the Uber pick-up point is around 3 minute walk from terminal 3 (departure) exit. You will need to cross the road parked with taxis to reach the car park via the stairs. So you should be expected being haunted by local taxi drivers. The usual scam is by telling you that there is no Uber and you have to take the taxi which the price is at least (5x or over 20 USD).

You should stand firm and reject the hustle while heading to the car park for Uber pick-up.

Potential Uber Scam at Cairo Airport 4: Uber not moving

The usual waiting time for Uber at Cairo airport is around 8 to 10 minutes. Sometimes you would find that the Uber would stop moving on the map. Then a “nice local” would pop up and ask if you are waiting for Uber. Remember settlement of deals outside the app is a common Uber trap?

The “nice local” is just to lure you for such a settlement. In this scenario, you should immediately take a screenshot of your phone to record the Uber driver’s name and plate number. Then message him saying that if there is no response, you will report him as a scam with evidence in place.

 If there is still no response, you have to cancel the ride and hail for another one. Because if you take the “nice local” bait you are likely to be offered a highly inflated price and he would tell you it is the “local practice” of Uber.

Potential Uber Scam at Cairo Airport 5: The ride was canceled in the middle (rare one)

There have been several cases of tourists claiming that the Uber ride got canceled in the middle of the journey and the driver demanded an inflated payment. This type of Uber scam is quite rare nowadays and the Uber drivers in Cairo are afraid of losing their jobs (so you have leverage).

If it happened, you should threaten to report it to the police and Uber. Again as a good practice, you should always take a screenshot of every Uber drive. After all, there is no shortage of Uber in Cairo and you can easily get another one.

To avoid this possibility, you should pick an Uber driver with a 4.8 – 5 rating (5 may indicate a lack of number of trips completed) with high numbers of previous successful trip.

Pick the driver with between 4.8 to 5 and high numbers of trips completed before
Pick the driver with between 4.8 to 5 and high numbers of trips completed before

Conclusion: Should I take an Uber at Cario Airport?

The answer is definitely yes. There could indeed be a potential Uber scam at Cairo airport, but you are no better off by taking other transports.

As long as you are aware of the potential Egypt Uber scams I mentioned, take screenshots as precautions, and settle the transaction inside the app, you will be fine with using Uber.

I used Uber multiple times during my travel in Egypt. It has been fine except for some scam attempts sometimes.

Let me know if you have any inquiries and share your experience of Uber in Egypt with us.

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