Top 5 Critical Reasons For Visiting Pyramids by Yourself

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Visiting pyramids by yourself is absolutely possible. In fact, it is even also highly recommended!


This blog post will provide you with the top 5 reasons for visiting pyramids by yourself.

I know many of you would struggle with whether you should take a guided tour of the magnificent Great Sphinx and the three Great Pyramids.  Especially when traveling using your precious annual leave, you surely want to have a good memory there.

I took a 7-day vacation to Egypt. I first chose to take on a pyramid tour on the first day but later on HAD to revisit the pyramids again on the last day.

Before diving into the critical reasons for going without a guide, let’s first check out what to expect from this landmark.

Going to the pyramid without a guide
Going to the pyramid without a guide

Giza Necropolis in a nutshell

The pyramids complex in Giza includes the three pyramids (namely Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure from the largest to smallest), the Great Sphinx, and other icons around like queen’s pyramids and mortuary tombs.

The area is open from 7 AM to 6 PM from April to September and from 8 AM to 4 PM from October to March. It serves over 14 million tourists per year on average.

There are two entrances with one close to the Great Sphinx. It is on the opposite side of Pizza Hut and is very close to many of the budget hostels and hotels. This is the entrance we would usually use if we visited the pyramids on our own.

Another entrance is near the Khufu pyramid, you would not be using it unless you live at a Marriott or taking a guided tour.

Map of Giza Pyramids Archaeological Site
Map of Giza Pyramids Archaeological Site

The entrance fee varies according to the currency fluctuation. You are very likely to find different price points on different websites. However, you should check the official website for the latest.

It was 540 EGP (~11.2 USD) for the entrance and an extra 900 EGP (~ 19 USD) for getting into the Khufu pyramid. You can only pay for the extra options at the entrance with a credit card.

Reason 1 for visiting pyramids by yourself: If you want the best IG photo

Due to the fierce competition in the market, nowadays a typical pyramid day tour would include over 10 landmarks. It does not only cover the three great pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza but also the pyramids and museums at Sakkara (i.e. the step pyramid) and Dashur area.

While you can cover numerous icons in one day, the sad thing is you would have a lot less time for each of them. Let alone those tours are notorious for lunch arrangements and taking you to “surprise” stops like perfume shops and papyrus shops.

With the packed schedule, you would miss a lot of IGable photos from the great pyramids. For the guided day tour I joined, they even did not take us for a photo in front of the Sphinx!

What a waste of opportunity!

So whether you are looking to take a photo of the Sphinx & three pyramids in a backdrop, pick up a pyramid, kiss a Sphinx, or step on the pyramid. You would be a lot better off going the pyramid by yourself.

As for pyramid photo tips, you should bring a photo stand (as asking locals to take photos without tipping is not feasible) or ask some fellow foreign visitors for help.

Trust me if you are a photo lover like me. You will spend 2 hours + for photos alone.

Reason 2 for visiting pyramids by yourself: You may want to get inside  

As mentioned earlier, the entrance ticket for the Pyramids of Giza archaeological site is 540 EGP (~ 11 USD). Normally, this ticket includes all icons within the area including the three Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and tombs. You can stay there from opening to closing time, as long as you want.

Yet, if you are a first-time Egypt like me, “getting into the Pyramid” would be on your wish list. In that, you may want to purchase the extra tickets to get inside Khufu Pyramid (the largest one) for 900 EGP (~ 19 USD), Menkaure Pyramid for 220 EGP (~4.6 USD), and Mers Ankh Tomb for 120 EGP (~2.5 USD).

If so, you do not want to “time yourself”, as the extra tickets could be more expensive than the entrance ticket.

Reason 3 for visiting pyramids by yourself: It actually saves the hassle 

Some may argue that the benefits of having a guide for Pyramid visits include learning more about the site (as they are “Egyptologists”) and saving the hassle of being scammed or asked for tips by other locals.

For the first point, it is true that your guide would tell you the facts about the pyramids but it is also true that it is searchable on Google. So I will leave you to decide.

However, the guided pyramid tour would not save you hassle or even could make it worse. Because there are a lot of surprises that would not be included in the agenda. For example, you would receive a “surprise camel ride” for an extra fee of over 20 USD. Additionally, you would spend an hour in a perfume shop and a papyrus (Egypt paper) shop where everything is crazily over-priced. Not to mention, you would have an “upgrade” for your lunch”

Check out the comments from online travel agency websites like Viator, you will find traces of frustrated customers.

Let’s not forget your time is already very limited for each landmark for the packed tour guide.

Reason 4 for visiting pyramids by yourself: You can enjoy your pizza

The best place for chilling with a backdrop of the Pyramids plus Sphinx is actually on the rooftop of the pizza hut near the Great Sphinx ticket booth. By visiting the pyramids by yourself, you can be flexible to arrange your brunch or dinner nearby with the best view and reasonable price.

You can even enjoy the pyramid light show at night for free there. Note that most of the guided tours would take you back to Cairo after the visit. So you may miss this by joining.

Pizza Hut roof top with the best Pyraid view
Pizza Hut roof top with the best Pyraid view

Reason 5 for visiting pyramids by yourself: It is easier and cheaper than you think

In the past, you may need to take a bus, metro, or taxi to the pyramids. Regardless, the cost each way would create a great hassle i.e. there is no English for the bus route, and after getting off the Giza metro you still need to take a taxi or the scamming from the taxi drivers.

Nowadays I will recommend you to use Uber directly, plotting the pizza hut near the Great Sphinx as the arrival destination.  A ride from Cairo International Airport to the Great Sphinx is around 350 EGP (~ 7 USD) for a 40-minute ride.

Other than that usually the hostel in Giza is 50% cheaper, larger, and includes a rooftop traditional breakfast with a pyramid view. So you could save more by staying in Giza overnight.

If you want to explore the Sakkara (i.e. the step pyramid) and the Dashur area on your own, you could make use of Uber as well. Just remember never accept a driver that requests cash payment or prices different from the apps, as it could be a scam.


I hope by now you will know the merits of visiting the pyramids by yourself. Again it would depend on your preference, if you are the type what to have 20 minutes for each site only, a guided tour guide may be for you.

However, if you are like me love taking great photos, looking for best-valued options and some adventure experiences. Then I recommend you visit the pyramids on your own.

Leave me a comment for any inquiry or let me know your journey.

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